Successfully navigating a labyrinth of a project.

A main charge for this project was to have all the work substantially completed in time for Yale Divinity School’s spring commencement. To make that happen we began late in the fall in order to get a jump on a tight schedule and knowing that with winter approaching there would be a 2 month window where no work could be completed.

A big challenge was the site itself – egress issues meant that we could not block the stairs that led from the buildings to the street during the course of construction. Moving materials and equipment onto and off the site required the use of a crane that was situated at the back driveway. Sequencing too was very important as a complicated stone labyrinth (modeled after the famous one at Chartres Cathedral in France) was the centerpiece of the design. This needed to be mapped out prior to installation in order to ensure that the bluestone walkway paths would tie into it properly once completed.

A mid-project change order called for recessed lighting to be installed into the granite benches that surround the walking paths. This caused a delay in the benches being ready for installation prior to commencement. We proceeded with the project (minus the bench installation) and completed all other aspects on-time for graduation ceremony. Once the benches were completed in mid-summer, we took extra measures to ensure their installation would not damage the already installed bluestone pathways and plantings. The final result transformed the courtyard with addtional features that include an outdoor reception area, small group seating and an outdoor fireplace.


New Haven, CT

General Contractor


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