A down and dirty project comes out clean.

At first glance, it seems that converting this 7,100 sq ft free-standing former printer building into one of the larger full-service laundromats in the area would be a relatively straightforward project. However, upon closer inspection, much of what was required to make that happen created a project that was anything but.

Due to the building site straddling two cities (New Haven and East Haven), the permit process required approvals from both. As major structural and electrical upgrades were required, this doubled the logistical coordination to keep the processes moving forward. We needed to work with both cities as well to shut down the road for new water service, natural gas service and storm drainage improvements. And when work on the roof began, it was discovered that a complete replacement of the rusted-out steel decking was required prior to new roof installation.

In spite of such challenges, Milestone kept the wheels turning in order to get the doors open on time for its scheduled Spring ribbon cutting. We also worked with the architect and owner to overcome the unforeseen obstacles by value engineering portions of the project to make up for the extra expenditures. It all came clean in the wash (as they say) with the project finishing on-time and on-budget. The new space provides a comfortable setting and the latest state-of-the-art equipment and is poised to become the premier laundry servicing provider in the area.


East Haven / New Haven, CT

General Contractor

David Connell

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