Thoughtful scheduling & careful measures create windows of opportunity.

When it comes to installing 1,400 storm windows (each weighing 150 lbs.), into an 18 story, 244,000 sq ft class A office building, their actual installation is the relatively easy part. Receiving them on a tight urban site, storing them within limited space, and moving them into occupied spaces for placement is where things get very complicated.

Such were the challenges Milestone had to overcome for the 195 Church Street office building in New Haven. Heavy on coordination and logistics, it was a case for Milestone of “not biting off more than we could chew” – the windows could not be stored on the floors but rather in the basement until they were ready for installation. From the basement, they would then be moved incrementally to the floor and office space where they were to be installed – As it were, the basement could only hold a fraction of the total order.

This required receiving 1 or 2 tractor trailer loads every 3 weeks – Each offload would be for 200-250 windows. Due to the building’s location on a heavily trafficked thoroughfare, deliveries could not be accepted until after 8pm at night. Once offloaded and placed in the basement, our superintendent was instrumental in managing the logistics in order to meet the 3 month schedule for complete installation. Each shift required putting 30-35 windows in place – in order to make that happen meant working off hours and weekends so as not to disrupt the tenants.


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