April, 2024

We are nearing the completion of our project for Continuum that has us renovating this 4,000 square-foot, 1900s era house into a space that will support their mission to help rebuild lives.

Its prior use was as a three-family home – the renovation required that it be brought up to code for its new use. This meant a full interior demo and removal of systems as well as abatement of asbestos. Once that was complete, we then installed upgrades that included new plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems – along with modern security.

Bathrooms were renovated on all floors with new finishes throughout – the first floor was renovated to accommodate ADA specifications. Much care was taken to restore and revive historic components wherever possible. These can be seen in the hardwood refinishes of the main three story stairway, the ornate flooring of the first floor, as well as in the restoration of original doors and their hardware.

Exterior upgrades are currently underway and include upgraded storm drainage, a ramp for access, new rear porch stairs. Paving a new parking lot and installing perimeter fencing will complete the project in the coming month.

Stay tuned!

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