Updated ammenities — accessible to all.

Nearly 110 years since its opening, the 2024 season saw the completion of a three-year project that utilized a design/build process to demolish and rebuild from the ground up five concession stands and four restrooms. Both were in dire need of replacement to service the large crowds and provide accessibility to all (ADA compliant) – something the previous facilities lacked. Though modernized, both projects retain their historic characters retaining an exterior look and feel that replicate the previous buildings and blend in with the historic surroundings and design of the Bowl itself. The phased project started with the completion of all the concession stands in 2021 – these opened in early September 2021. The following year (2022) saw the completion of two restrooms and two more in 2023.

A major challenge for the phasing of this work and completing it on time was the schedule and lead times for materials. The Bowl is used year-round, and activity never stops in and around it. Therefore, the project team had to be responsive to events that were continually taking place on the grounds. When these events happened (and they did regularly and often), we would adjust our schedules and make up for lost time by working earlier or later hours during the week and often working on weekends as necessary.

With all the buildings now open, the Yale Bowl’s amenities are now fully functional and open to all – providing accessible (ADA compliant), safe and modern facilities to accommodate all fans while honoring their historic surroundings and context. Both the facilities and athletics departments can chalk this design/build project as a big win! Go Bulldogs!


New Haven, CT

Yale University

Design Build

Landmark Architects

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