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Milestone is a full-service construction management & general contracting company established in 2010 to bring an owner’s perspective to the business of building. We adapt our services to suit your needs and want nothing more than to earn your trust through our commitment to realizing an outstanding process and project. Our secret is no secret: it’s a combination of close collaboration, open communication, deep field knowledge and a project-first mentality that makes Milestone your go-to partner.

Problem-solving lies at the heart of every construction project, and like all good optimists, we like to see problems as possibilities. What can we accomplish in a single week construction window? Which method is ideal for restoring historic features? What will it take to achieve zero-waste? What are the best opportunities for saving time or money? These are the kinds of challenges our seasoned experts love to untangle and align to deliver the highest quality buildings and building experiences. We’re your eyes and ears on site, in the office and everywhere in between.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality program, project and construction management services to both public and private sector clients to help them achieve the goals of their construction program in an ethical, creative and cost-effective manner.

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Athletic Facilities 
Classrooms/Lecture Halls 
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Historic Preservation
Infrastructure Upgrades
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Milestone Construction Services, LLC
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Milestone Construction Services, LLC
442 Forbes Avenue
New Haven, CT 06512
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