A pathway that intersects at safety & beauty

For this project, UNH needed to connect a parking lot located several blocks outside of its central campus to a main campus entry point. Safe pedestrian access to and from these points was a main goal for the project. Additionally, they wanted to use the opportunity to beautify the neighborhood the sidewalk weaves its way through.

Performed on a strict and short time schedule, the project was begun on June 1 and was completed by mid-August before students and staff would be returning to campus in the fall. Milestone worked diligently with the neighborhood residents to ensure that property lines were respected and that disruption was as minimal as possible during heavy construction for site drainage and grading. A main priority was keeping the area safe for pedestrian and car traffic that still needed access while the road was widened and sidewalks were constructed.

Large rocks that were discovered upon excavation and added scope with no schedule extension were a few of the challenges that had to be overcome to meet the tight deadline. A 40 foot long stepped berm wall was built to accommodate a portion of sidewalk built next to a hillside property. Lining the walk-way are Victorian-era sidewalk light polls that illuminate the walking path at night and also provide for way-finding signage during daylight hours. A blue emergency phone located mid-way along the path provides an additional safety measure as do new cross walks, curbing and line markings.


New Haven, CT

University of New Haven

Construction Manager

Westcott & Mapes, Inc.

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