A lobby modernization welcomes a growing and thriving business community.

“We want to make 195 Church Street the first choice for new tenants coming into the New Haven market while creating a more attractive space for existing clients” – so told Northside Development’s President Paul Denz to the New Haven Register upon the purchase of this 18 story, downtown New Haven building in late 2015. In early 2017 Milestone went to work to begin helping him to fulfill his vision with a renovation of the lobby that transformed the original and outdated 1970s motif into a modern and welcoming access point for this iconic building.

The original walls, as well as the flooring of the lobby and adjoining spaces, had been covered in a polished gray and pink hued granite. To offset its abundance and provide for a more contemporary feel, a wood veneered Marlite panel system was specified for installation on the walls.

The Marlite utilizes a framing system that required special care and attention to affix it to the granite surface. Due to the heavy lobby traffic on any given day, Milestone took extra precautions for safety and logistical measures – Heavier work was accomplished in the early morning hours and later into the evening to avoid the coming and going of the building’s occupants. Saturdays too were often workdays so that scaffolding and equipment could be moved and utilized uninterrupted to reduce associated risks. New lighting, ceilings and a glass railing system also contributed the building’s modernization.


New Haven, CT

Northside Development Company

General Contracting

Kenneth Boroson Architects


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