Preparation & planning minimize disruption while maximizing results.

Designed by iconic modernist architect Paul Rudolph and completed in 1959, Greeley Memorial Laboratory is a 24,000 sq ft concrete and glass structure designed for the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Phased renovations over the past several years have restored and revitalized research and public spaces while adapting them to current programmatic needs. The South Lab was the final portion of the building to be renovated – it created 15,000 sq ft of open, shared student dry lab/work space, conference/teaching rooms and dedicated lab space. The project also included a complete update/replacement of MEP, lighting, fire detection/alarm, security and tele-data systems.

To minimize disruption and protect the finished areas, Milestone fabricated a “dust wall” that separated the South Lab from the rest of the building. This paid great dividends by isolating the construction area, protecting the new finishes and allowing the occupants the ability to access all the finished spaces while being minimally disrupted during work hours.

Additional measures were also taken to do heavier infrastructure work in the early morning (usually between 5 & 8 am) before occupants arrived for work. A good portion of this work involved demoing/installing duct work, electrical and plumbing systems that were all housed in a tunnel that ran the length of the lab under the building. This extremely challenging and very tight space required careful coordination for the organization of new systems – the addition of new lighting and an access ladder greatly improved the ability to provide future maintenance.


New Haven, CT

Yale University

General Contractor

Christopher Williams Architects


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