A once gone to the dogs commercial center now welcomes them.

Over the last several years, under the direction of Pershing Partners Development, the 5 acre commercial site known as “The Derby Pershing Shopping Center” has transformed from a parcel of shuttered businesses into a thriving commercial center that includes an Aldi’s grocery, Panera Bread, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Planet Fitness and a Sprint Store.

The most recent additions to the “Center” were built from the ground up by Milestone – these include an AT&T and Pet Valu store totaling 10,000 sq ft. Attached to the Aldi’s, Milestone excavated and put in new foundations (extra stone was needed to stabilize the soil); exterior masonry walls skinned with stucco; and a structural steel roof to top it off. A tower was built in the southeast corner to give the building high visibility to travelers on the nearby Route 8.

With a tight timeframe of 17 weeks, the building needed to be completed to satisfy the already established move-in date for Pet Valu. It was during construction that AT&T also signed on as the second tenant. Milestone maintained constant communication between Pet Valu’s and AT&T’s designers, the architect/engineers, and the subs to ensure all was well coordinated and on track. And it was – Both tenants were move in ready by their targeted dates and they soon thereafter opened their doors to two-legged and four-legged customers alike.

New Construction

Derby, CT

Pershing Partners, LLC

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